Eureka: First To Manufacture Cannabis With A License

Smoking marijuana or weed is still considered a taboo in many places all over the world. Some people (especially the older ones) raise their eyebrows whenever they hear people talking about cannabis casually. But times have changed a lot and recreational marijuana is now considered legal in many US states and in several Canadian provinces. Smoke shops and head shops have been seeing increasing sales, particularly when it comes to bongs and glass pipes. With an increasing demand for herb (whether for medical use or recreational only), the looming issue now is if the marijuana industry can meet the people’s demand.

In response to the growing demand, weed growers are now likewise growing in numbers and the first cannabis manufacturing plant to be granted a license is found in Eureka, California. Quality is still of utmost importance, so getting this coveted license wasn’t a walk in the park either. And one of the best things to this growing industry is the number of jobs it generates that not only boosts the economy but also makes a difference in people’s lives.

The manufacturing affiliate of Papa and Barkley California (P&B), P&B Labs Humboldt, was issued a cannabis manufacturing license by the City of Eureka

According to P&B, they will expand the operation of its Eureka manufacturing facility from research and development to non-volatile manufacturing to produce solvent-free, all-natural oils, and cannabis rosin used to create topicals, tinctures, and transdermal patches.

P&B Labs says they will also produce high quality, solvent-free oil and rosin for its business-to-business wholesale line, to partner with companies looking for pure cannabinoids for infusion into edibles and other products. They can now help infused product manufacturers ensure they are compliant under current and future medical cannabis laws and regulations.


If you are clueless to what is really going on in the Cannabis market, discovering that it is currently a multi-billion dollar industry can be mind-blowing. Yes, millions use weed for various reasons and some states already gave their go signal, allowing their people to smoke it without fear of getting caught and sanctioned. It is a big economic driver in America alone and generates countless jobs in a market that has now been devoured by technology.

Marijuana could become more than a recreational pastime in Aurora in the coming years if city council members agree to move forward with a recent request to add medical pot to the city’s growing green galaxy.

Two council members on the city’s ad hoc policy committee that deals with weed issues, Sally Mounier and Bob Roth, recently agreed to green-light a discussion on allowing the sale, manufacturing and cultivation of medical marijuana in Aurora. Those practices are currently banned under city code.

But, should at least six city council members so choose, that could change with the repeal of as few as two city ordinances, according to Tim Joyce, assistant city attorney.

At the May 30 meeting, Joyce said the city would have to axe a pair of building and retail codes if officials were to pursue allowing medical marijuana. It would not require a popular vote.

“All council has to do is repeal a couple ordinances —the business license ordinance that prohibits medical marijuana licensing and the building code that prohibits medical marijuana facilities,” he said. “City council always has the decision to enact any ordinance or repeal any ordinance.”


The increasing need for cannabis manufacturers is quite obvious with various medical and recreational marijuana stores opening everywhere. Somebody got to supply these places with quality weeds that are worth every penny that people pays for it. The country can now actually benefit from cannabis sales that used to be nonexistent when it was still sold on the black market. But today, taxes can be imposed and everyone is happy that people get their weed fix and the economy is also thriving with its help.

Eureka: First To Manufacture Cannabis With A License was first published to The Naked Conversations Blog

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