It’s Getting Hot In Canada

We all know that weather phenomena differ in various parts of the globe. It can be warm and sunny in one part of the planet and then totally cold and gloomy in another. This weather diversity actually gives more color to our lives but it can be a burden at times too especially with extreme weather conditions. And with climate change in the equation, it has drastically worsened weather systems and made it doubly harder for us to cope. It’s why Green activists encourage everyone to take an active part in environmental conservation efforts because it’s us humans who still suffer from nature’s wrath over time.

Winter has come and gone and spring is almost over too but weather experts are already warning Canadians to brace for the heat of summer. While the cold of winter isn’t something to look forward too, the same can be said for the intense summer heat. You’d be sweating in body parts you’ve never thought can sweat before. It will certainly drive up electric costs as air conditioning would likely be running 24/7 to help you cool off and beat the summer heat. The question now is whether Canadians ready for the heat wave that is set to welcome the summer season in Canada?

It may still be spring, but Environment Canada is warning people around the national capital region to prepare for decidedly summery weather over the coming days.

Temperatures in Ottawa-Gatineau are expected to hit 31 C on both Sunday and Monday, marking the “first heat event of the year,” the weather agency said.

With the humidity, it should feel like 36 C on Sunday in Ottawa-Gatineau — although there could be some relief in the form of showers or even thunderstorms.

Overnight lows will remain around 20 C both days, according to the forecast.

Heat-related risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, and people who have chronic illnesses or work outdoors, Environment Canada said.

The agency is urging people to drink more water than normal and refrain from leaving pets inside hot vehicles.


The intense heat isn’t just a major discomfort but can be a health risk too as you can easily fall victim to sunburn and heat stroke. You have an option whether to stay indoor during the high midday sun and only come out later in the day but since it can’t be avoided to go out especially if you have to run some errands, taking precautions like wearing sunblock/sunscreen, wearing a cap/hat or using an umbrella, drinking lots of fluid, etc. won’t just help you stay sane but keep you safe and healthy too.

The Greater Toronto Area is under a heat warning.

Environment Canada issued the warning just after 3 p.m. June 10.

Hot and humid conditions are expected Sunday and will continue into the early part of next week.

“Temperatures are expected to be near 31C Sunday and Monday with overnight lows near 20C, making this the first heat event of this year,” Environment Canada said.

“It is also possible that these heat conditions will persist into Tuesday. Temperatures will fall below heat warning criteria by the middle of this week.”

The warning takes in Toronto and York, Peel, Halton and Durham regions.


Despite the continued heat warning in various places in Canada, Canadians still like going outdoors to enjoy the warm sunshine. While there are health risks from overexposure to the sun and drought and wildfires are also a possibility in some places, it’s still not enough to dampen the spirits of Canadians who have been looking forward to the warm season since late last year when most of Canada is still covered in snow. It’s also a good time to catch up with friends and travel far as long as you don’t let yourself get too dehydrated during your travels. Remember that the elements can be harsh especially the sun and you want to have fun this summer and not end up sick because you failed to protect yourself from the heat.

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